ABCs of Serging vs. The Complete Serger Handbook



Ok, so I purchased a serger. I got a sweet deal on a Singer ProFinish CG754 at a local big box store. The “CG” part of the name is an acronym for “commercial grade” but truthfully, I’m too new to serging and sewing to know the difference. Admittedly, I let my serger sit in the box until the return period had almost expired. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it in spite of everyone telling me how much I needed a serger. Well, now I’m stuck with it.

I decided to learn a little bit about about my new acquisition to my stitch-lust before I made a mess of things and wanted to find an economical way to do it. I’m a DIY person and decided to simply purchase a book recommended by my sewing friends. Everyone and their mother recommended “The Complete Sewing Handbook” so it was off to the Internet I’d go.

“The Complete Sewing Handbook” is out of print and I could only purchase it used for …. (Wait for it…, wait for it) a mere $200 or more (Some sellers were selling it for as much as $900!). The price of the book was more than what I had paid for the serger! It’s packed with loads of pictures and explains many of the functions of the serger in great detail. I’d actually recommend this book to any novice because it’s not specific to any particular machine.

“The ABCs of Serging” is a mighty fine modicum of serging mastermind-genius. The information provided in the book is even more detailed than “The Complete Sewing Handbook.” “The ABCs of Serging” even offers tips throughout the book by renown seamstresses. Ok, but there’s a catch. All of the illustrations in the book are drawings. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but color photos of actual serger parts and scenarios really hit home with me.

After checking out both books at my local library I realized that I really need both books as reference material in my sewing library. I learned something from both books. The information is not redundant as the presentations between the two are quite different.