Merry Christmas Eve!

I picked a fine day to start my blog…like right when I’m supposed to be doing more important stuff like banking cookies for Santa Claus, Finding lumps of coal for the stockings of people who have gotten on my last nerve and preparing dinner for tomorrow. All of these things can wait for my very first sewing blog post.

Just sew we’re clear, I don’t actually know how to sew. I am learning how to sew. If you are a seamstress or tailor and my posts remind you when you first started sewing, I truly hope that you can appreciate the comedy. If you are an aspiring “I wanna learn how to sew person.,” consider this blog to be a “misery loves company exchange when posting comments. I am writing this completely in fun.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have real friends that actually know how to sew. Perhaps they will grace this joint with their presence periodically and provide a few words of wisdom. Until that time, however, please stay around to giggle at the mess that I’m making of my craft room.

Now let’s discuss the partially obvious title of my blog, “Sewsational Stitch Snobbery.” Sewsational is a bit self-explanatory and obvious… I wanted to use the word “sew” somewhere in the title. Stitch Snobbery (all rights reserved) is a term that I created. “Stitch Snobbery” has nothing to do with the quality of stitching, because I can’t actually differentiate between a quality stitch or a not so quality stitch. My experience is limited to knowing that stitching requires thread. Stitch Snobbery actually refers to the that moment when you’re carousing a store, see an article of clothing and think to yourself, “That shirt is how much? I can make that!” Stitch Snobbery is a term for those of us that are new to sewing who now believe that we are ready to take over the world because we can turn on our sewing machines, thread it AND the bobbin and have purchased a few patterns that we can’t actually read but aspire to discuss. (Note: I mentioned discussing the pattern, not actually sewing it.)