Going Against the Grain…

My grandmother would always say to me, “A hard head will make a soft behind.” I translated that life lesson into “For every action there will be a positive or negative reaction.” Sewing happens to be one of those areas where you don’t want to buck the system. This is especially true when you have no earthly idea what you’re doing anyways. In simple terms, benchmarks are important…stick to the script!

The skirt that I made in the photo below represents what why going against the grain is NEVER a good idea. Not lining your fabric up with the grainline makes for a really weird fit. I’d like to thank Natasha C. Nicholes for explaining why grainline is important to the fit.


Memo to self: The “warp” runs with/parallel to the selvage. The “weft” runs vertical to the selvage and represents the width of the fabric. This is starting to pull everything together as I think back to what I THOUGHT I learned about pattern reading.